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Cucci Realty is a Cloud Real Estate Brokerage.  Except for showings and listing appointments, all business is done via laptop/tablet, email, phone, text and internet. We are a consumer first, technology oriented broker. We are Marketing and Social Media Specialists. Working on the go in a home office setting will set you free. Schedule a call with us today! 


Cucci Realty uses all the latest in Real Estate Technology to give its agents and unfair advantage with lead generation and marketing capabilities. Cucci Realty specializes in efficiency and consumer follow up.  We deploy best in the industry CRM, called FollowUpBoss. This makes automation and follow-up an easy task. Cucci Realty is proud to work with and train the best agents in the business. Come join our team.


As a Cucci Realty Team Member, you will be given access to the best team technology on the market. CRM, drip email campaigns, easy client notes and follow up. You are expected to handle all leads within 5 minutes or less. We welcome agents of all statures. Whether your an Allstar or a Rookie, we have a spot for you here at Cucci Realty. We welcome both full-time and part-time agents.

Mentor Program

Cucci Realty Mentor Program.  We are looking for highly driven, technology oriented agents. These agents should be technology savvy and ready to surprise their clients with speed and efficiency. Ethical Realtors only.  We want the best of the best! Cucci Realty is here to help take your real estate business to new heights. Managing Broker, Chris Cucci, has 11 years of experience and is a listing and marketing expert. 

Welcome to the Future of Real Estate: Join Cucci Realty

Embrace the Lifestyle of Innovation

At Cucci Realty, we redefine real estate through our cloud-based brokerage model. Our approach combines the freedom of remote work with the power of cutting-edge technology. Say goodbye to the confines of a traditional office; with us, you can conduct business seamlessly via laptop, tablet, or smartphone, from anywhere in the world. We prioritize our clients and lead with a tech-first mindset, making us pioneers in marketing and social media within the real estate sector. Imagine the liberty of working from your home office, balancing life and work effortlessly. Curious to know more? Schedule a call with us today and step into the realm of freedom and flexibility!

Harness the Power of Advanced Technology


At Cucci Realty, technology isn't just a tool, it's our superpower. We equip our agents with the most sophisticated tech in real estate, giving them an unparalleled advantage in lead generation and marketing. Our focus on efficiency and client follow-up is unmatched, thanks to our industry-leading CRM, FollowUpBoss. This platform streamlines automation and follow-up, transforming these tasks into simple, efficient processes. We're not just a team; we're innovators shaping the future of real estate. Join us and be part of a brokerage that trains and collaborates with the finest in the field.

Join Our Dynamic Team


Being part of the Cucci Realty Team means access to the finest technology designed for real estate excellence. From our advanced CRM system to streamlined drip email campaigns, managing client interactions has never been easier. We set high standards, expecting all leads to be addressed within 5 minutes, ensuring top-notch service. Our team is diverse and inclusive, welcoming agents of all levels - from seasoned Allstars to enthusiastic Rookies, and accommodating both full-time and part-time commitments. Your journey to success in real estate starts here, with us.

Elevate Your Career with Our Mentor Program


Cucci Realty's Mentor Program seeks the driven, the tech-savvy, and the ethically-minded. Our ideal candidates are agents eager to impress clients with rapid, efficient service. We're dedicated to nurturing the best – agents who embody professionalism and innovation. Under the guidance of Managing Broker Chris Cucci, a seasoned expert with 11 years of experience in listings and marketing, you'll soar to new professional heights. Join Cucci Realty's Mentor Program and turn your real estate aspirations into reality.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Real Estate Career?


Connect with us at Cucci Realty, where the future of real estate is happening now.

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