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Complete list of Evergreen Park IL Parks (Updated 2023)

Evergreen Park, IL, boasts an impressive array of parks and recreational facilities, enriching the community with diverse outdoor and indoor activities. The area includes Klein Park, Duffy Park, Kennedy Park, Bejcek Park, Yukich Fields, James J. Sexton Park, Veterans Park, Grand Trunk Park, and Schwer Park. These parks collectively offer amenities like ball fields, tennis/pickleball courts, soccer/football fields, sand volleyball, playgrounds, a driving range, an ice rink, and a dog park. Each neighborhood in Evergreen Park enjoys its unique green spaces, thoughtfully designed to reflect the community's needs and interests. These parks enhance the quality of life in Evergreen Park, making it an attractive place to reside and explore.

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Here is a list of parks in Evergreen Park, IL:

Klein Park (Circle Park): Located at 97th and Homan, this 6-acre park features 2 ball fields, 2 sand volleyball courts, and a playground​​.

Duffy Park: Situated at 92nd and Millard, Duffy Park spans 10 acres and offers 4 ball fields, 2 tennis/pickleball courts, a soccer/football field, sand volleyball, 8 horseshoe pits, and a playground​​.

Kennedy Park: Found at 88th and California, this 3-acre park includes 4 ball fields (Norris Field) and a playground​​.

Bejcek Park: Adjacent to Aqua Park at 90th and Troy, Bejcek Park covers 2 acres and has a ball field and playground​​.

Yukich Fields: Located at 89th and Kedzie Avenue, this 8-acre area includes 2 ball fields, 3 soccer/football fields, a fitness trail, and an ice rink​​.

James J. Sexton Park: At 91st and Rockwell, the park spans 50 acres and features a driving range, disc golf, sledding, and the "Happy Bark" Dog Park​​.

Veterans Park: This 1-acre park at 98th and California Avenue offers a playground and 2 tennis/pickleball courts​​.

Grand Trunk Park (Candy Cane Park): A half-acre park located at 99th Place at the Railroad, it primarily features a playground​​.

Schwer Park (Cowboy Park): Situated at 92nd and Homan, Schwer Park covers 1 1/2 acres and includes a playground​​.

Each park in Evergreen Park is designed to provide residents with recreational and leisure opportunities, contributing to the overall quality of life in the community. These parks are strategically located throughout the suburb, ensuring easy access for all residents.

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